2x Faster outline cut

Not sure if this has been posted yet, but I have found a faster way to cut outlines of shapes out. I make a lot of custom cutting boards and cheese boards, and have many requests for different shapes. I have found that using the outline tool in easel requires 2 passes for the width of each depth of cut, regardless of the bit size.

You import your image, size it how you like, and use Paul Kaplan’s inlay tool app. Once the inlay project is imported, delete the original image and the fill image. You will be left with only the outline image (which is actually the image that would be the inlay in the project). This image/project will be cut in 1 cut per every full pass, instead of 2. #timesaver

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Soon you’re gonna understand the difference between saving time v.s. clean cut, bit and machine health.
I would’t race on work surface if it will cost me bit, bad cut even belts. M2c.

I assure you that is not the case. In the regular outline setting, it takes a pass at full bit width and 1 pass at what looks like about 1/32 wider that the bit was, it’s a wasted pass. I am not adjusting my doc or feed rate at all. In fact, it will save your bits, belts and machine, not wear them out faster, because they are cutting less material overall and doing half of the work. Maybe you have misread the post. Also, this does not apply to every situation, just outlines and simple shape cut outs for now. Also, this is not a finished product, it is wood, they will have to be given and roundover or break the edge and sanding still. By default, each cut uses the full width of the bit, why have another pass to make an outline wider??


No idea why it is doing that, but that is a nice cutting board, I like the shape.

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I was wondering why the xc does that. And you are right, is a waste of pass. I work with a Gerber profile at work, obviously a more commercial grade cnc and I’m so used to the speed and accuracy of it that every little thing that my xcarve does I notice it right away. So what you are talking about, I noticed it but I thought that was normal, which it might be for the xc but why? On my next project I’m going to try your way to see the difference. Thanks for pointing that out for us!