3/16 Easel Issue: Click Drag Select... Freezes

Good Morning, is anyone else having issues with the “click & select” rectangle tool? If the square goes anywhere outside the white work area even a mm then it becomes fixed and will not deselect the square. No matter what I click, “font” “move to back” etc nothing I do including the Esc key will release the square it just follows my mouse until I kill Easel and restart. I’ve rebooted, and does not seem to fix the issue…

Anyone else seeing this? @inventables please help.


No, it’s not the piece that’s locked I can select that and move it at will. It’s the actual blue selection square. I click an area, and if it does outside the workspace in my selection the blue selection square becomes UN selectable so when I move my mouse it’s like I have the left click still pressed down and the blue box just followed the mouse changing sizes.

It’s odd, has happened to me before normally after"making a copy" of a previous design and trying to edit it. I deleted the design and started over from scratch instead of make copy and it works fine now. Must be an odd bug in the “Make Copy” process.