3/16 Plywood chip out

I think I have tried every carve settings there is. I have tried using 1/8, 1/32, 1/64 2 flute bits but all I get is chip out. This is the design in easel kaylynn_desgin
But this is the results

Can anybody help. I’m pulling hair and teeth out.

Try a straight flute end mill or a down cut.
What kind of plywood? In general plywood, other than the really good stuff, is risky for holding detail.

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Walnut and Baltic Birch plywood. This is good plywood.

Hi Jason, Can you share the easel project?
Go to Projects>Share and change it to Unlisted and then copy the link.
Sharing the link is only a copy and we can’t edit your original but using your file would make more sense to show the exact issue and how to fix it.

That said, I presume that your carving “On the line” instead of “Outside the line” like you’ll need to in order to preserve the project. Also, the preview should depict the design shrinking and the super thin parts (loop of the Y’s for example)

Question though By this:

Do you mean upcut, straight, downcut, or compression?
I typically use compression for 1/8" and above and smaller i’ve never found compression so I use downcut for smaller bits… and i get pretty good results even with the cheap underlayment type plywood.
Here’s a good source to show the difference between up, down, and compression bits Spiral Router Bits vs. Straight Router Bits

Here is the link. I used Straight Router bit.

What I would do to get these to maybe work… even with these, plywood might still be out of reach for a good carve…

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