3.8w laser cut

Hello, maby have solutions why i cant cut 4 mm plywood? In foto 0.3mm depth 300mm/min. 3 times with 14 passes

because a 4w laser is not meant to cut through wood. It is probably possible but if you want consistent clean cuts in a decent timeframe you’ll need to look at bigger lasers.

maby if i choose some other material its be possible ? becose i whant too cut some snow flakes and be beautiful too use laser

check out this video it might help with cutting thicker materials. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQXuzTTf2QE. His technique seems like it would help in your situation.

Remember not all plywood is made the same. I have found that different types, brands and glue will affect how the laser cuts the material. You will have to play around and find what works best.

i rather believe user experience than some overblown marketing talk

As I said, it’s probably possible, just not the most practical.

try cutting paper and ramp up the thickness, but keep in mind that you’ll probably need some form of air assist

We always stress that our lasers are very good engravers and “light” cutters. It will get through the plywood as seen in the picture, but it will take some time. It looks like it cut, but just with a lot more passes then wanted.

If you want to cut harder materials then:

  1. Make sure your focus is spot on. Any deviation from a perfect focus will cause the material not to cut fast. For focus instructions go to: Focusing 101
  2. Move the Z axis down each pass when cutting to ensure the focus stays on the cut line.
  3. Use a vacuum or put additional air to make sure the smoke is removed from the cutting surface. Smoke will impeded the laser ability to reach the cut surface. We use a shop vacuum attached with zip ties to the spindle mount.
  4. Make sure your machine belts are tight and your wheels are tight as well. If your machine is wobbly and can’t keep a straight line back and forth, then the laser will not cut efficiently.
  5. Make sure your lens is clean. Use can use alcohol and a micro fiber lens cloth to clean it.
  6. Be patient. It might take several passes to get through the harder materials.

These lasers are a really neat upgrade to a CNC machine without having to buy another expensive laser machine. They are easy to install, no alignment mirrors or water cooling, and run with normal voltages. That being said, they are lower in power than CO2 lasers and will not cut the same as a 40W CO2 laser.

Different materials will certainly cut differently. Think of the physics of it. If something is more dense, then it will be harder to cut because there is more packed material per unit volume. A hardwood will certainly cut with many more passes then a light wood like Balsa. There are a lot of different plywoods out there and they will all cut differently depending on the filler material used, glue, thickness of the pieces, type of outer wood, thickness of outer wood, etc…

Just make sure everything is dialed in correctly and you should be able to cut a lot of things with some patience.

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