3 Axis Laser Zeroing with the Triquetra Touch Plate

I got bit by the Laser bug and quickly realized that I need a way to obtain an accurate and repeatable 3 axis zero for my new Laser. I went to work and have successfully created an additional feature that I am adding to the Triquetra Tool Box that will now allow you to zero your laser to all three axis. Why 3 you might ask. Well the X and Y answer is obvious. We need a way to set a repeatable X0 and Y0. What about the Z height though. I have learned that once you have your Z height figured out and have your Laser focused, there is no reason to change it. So if you can set the Z height automatically then your laser will always be in focus and that is one less thing you have to deal with based on the thickness of your material. The 3 axis zeroing code will always set your Z height the same distance away from your material which means that your laser will always be in focus as long as you adjust the lense.

I uploaded a video to youtube last night that shows the entire setup process from start to finish. It’s 20 minutes long but you only have to do it one time. At the end you have created a Laser Zero file that you can use on all of your material as long as you either use the same bit diameter to zero with or do like I did and remove the bit and collet nut altogether and just zero to the spindle threads. I found it difficult to get good quality video of the laser beam but it is good enough for you to get the idea and put it into use.

The update for the Triquetra Tool Box (Ver. 1.5) will be released this weekend unless I encounter any problems. At this point it is just a matter of cleaning things up a bit though. The video is below;

Charley Thomas
Triquetra CNC