3 Axis touch plate fault

ive made a 3 axis touch plate and tried some of the code Charley Thomas (i would love to buy one from Charley Thomas but money is tight and i live in the UK). So it works in reverse it starts by moving away from the touch plate (x axis) when it is meant to move towards it. I have included a copy of the code. Any help would be much appreciated.

G38.2 X-12.7F50
G92 X65.4175
G91 G0 X12.7
G91 G0 Y25.4
G91 G0 X-25.4
G38.2 Y-25.4 F50
G92 Y66.4675
G91 G0 Y03.175
G91 G0 Z27.17
G91 G0 Y- 15.875
G38.2 Z-25.4 F50
G92 Z20.82
G91 G0 Z3.175
G91 G0 Y25.4 X25.4

You need a G91 before your first G38.2

Thank You Justin i Will try that.

just wanted to let you know that you can buy just the G-code generator from Charley and it will generate the needed code. it is a very good investment and cost nothing to ship as it is transmitted across the internet.

Thanks i didnt know that ill contact him :slight_smile: