3-Digit-LED-Battery-meter Input: 3.5-30VDC


I wish I could find a 4 digit one for my new spindle so I can see a actual rpm read out

How are you sending the info to the display for the spindle rpms?

mmmmm not sure could you tell me how to do that?

I just figured if you have a number display it should show numbers right?

Yes, but you need something to measure the rpms and a way to send it to the display.

yeah you know I am not sure but I am curious I mean the spindle has to know and monitor its rpm for proper operation so I wonder if there is a way to to into that

but yeah I would not know where to start on a spindle

I was hoping that mach3 gave a live feed to me but it just gives the value you set like 16000, 18000, etc

but I just want to see if the spindle stays close to that rpm when loaded up

What type of spindle are you using?

a 2.2kw gmt spindle air cooled

You could use something like this to spot check the spindle rpms, but you would have to come up with a permanent mountable solution.

yeah I have seen those I was just hoping for a permanent solution like you say so I can see what speeds and feeds are affecting this thing because I have gone up to 500 ipm so far and there is absolutely no difference in noise from the spindle it just sounds like nothing is loading it while cutting

they are so quite anyways I am not sure what a spindle sounds like when its getting overloaded so I figured that the rpm might try and drop like it does on a router

I mean lol I have gone to the point with my old router that I physically almost stalled it

Take a half inch bit and cut 2 inches into some nice red oak and see what happens :slight_smile:

hmm yeah I imagine that would tax the spindle a little bit i might need a 5hp one to handle that

lol worst disaster I ever had was actually on the X-carve with the dewalt router I screwed up the file and sent a 1/4" tool deep into some oak at a high rate of speed and then my clamps broke loose and the material started to spin on the table and then crap actually started to shake apart my entire Z-axis fell off the machine

hence I installed a e-stop button shortly after that


but actually Erik challenge excepted I bet that I could cut at around 200 ipm+ in red oak at a full 1.5" depth of cut (my longest tool)

man I need to find some 6/4 or 8/4 oak now lol

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That is a hell of a cut…

I think i have some .5" boards that I can glue together witch should make it even harder due to the glue lines

I will get these glued up tonight

gives me about 2" material so I can go 1.5" deep

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problem is using one of these is that when the machine is working everything is sealed up tight with my new dust boot so I would have to run the machine without dust collection to be able to use this

unless I took the spindle apart and maybe painted a white mark on the fan located on the top

I was thinking about taking one apart and separate the components and see where i can make it fit then rewire the rest to another place on the machine.

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Post a picture of the spindle without the dust boot so I can see the collet and shaft.

Maybe you can attach a sensor in there.