3 metre y-axis. Will I have issues with belt flex? Am I crazy?

Hi community. I just got my xcarve 1000x1000 and I am super excited.
I want to enhance the y-axis and faced the problems with the makershift extrusions, which are no longer supplied by Inventables themselves. After a long research I finally found a german supplier for those.
Cool thing: they supply it up to 6m. Yes. Six!

And now I am thinking about having my y-axis 3m long. (And yes, I was thinking about going fully crazy with 6 m length. But I guess now I just go half crazy.)

My question: Might I face issues with belt flexing on a length like that? I would upgrade to 9mm GT2 anway. Does anyone have any information or experience how the belts might flex (too much?) on 3m?

Thanks in advance, I am happy to be part of that awesome community!


So did you do this? That sounds insane! I’m just thinking of the travel times… I amjelous your shop can have a 3M long table

Hi Henry. Yes, I did it. Already had it worked quite a lot and I have to say that I am very happy with it. Yes, the travel time / feed rate is on the lowest end, but I don’t care. I do not depend on speed, so I don’t care if it’s 2 hours or 8 hours of work time. (The noise is slightly annoying tho)
I’ll be posting some fotos in the near future if you are interested. Cheers!

I’d love to see photos. If I wanted to do a 3M table I’d have to get a jackhammer and make some holes in the foundation… but I am planning a flip up hinged table to allow for tiling large parts.

So here a few pics from the setup. As I said, it is a gamechanger in our shop and works like a charm. :wink:


Hey Oliver!
Looks great!
I’m looking to extend my Y axis as soon as my machine arrives. Who is the German supplier for the Makershift extrusions you mentioned?

Hi Jeff,

look here…


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Thanks Oliver!

Well I got to looking around on the www and found a local alternative. Requires some assembly but looks like a simple solution and no long haul shipping from Germany!

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