3 or more bits?

Hello, let’s say I have the following scenario:

I want to go from a 1/4, to a 1/8, to a 1/16, (or possibly a 1/32).

Note: I don’t have my x carve pro (and i don’t have a regular x carve).

From my understanding, currently: i’d do multiple slides, and set the roughing bit to the one before…
R = Roughing, D = Detailing.

Slide 1: R = 1/4, D = 1/8.
Slide 2: R = 1/8, D = 1/16.
Slide 3: R = 1/16, D = 1/32.

And on slides 2 & 3, i’d just run the detailing passes.

Is it possible to have a feature added for multiple bits? Or is that a g code limitation?

I just think it could be easier to add multiple bit passes to the same slide, rather than making new slides with alterations to achieve the results.

Not possible that I know of. I have pro, When I do run into this scenario, I use that exact method

Thank you for your reply, I am aware it’s currently unavailable. This is a feature request :wink:

Not a limitation of gcode or controller. Many do this with other software.

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If you run easel, just set each bit in a different workpiece. The second and third bit can be setup as two stage carving.

Keep in mind, I don’t have my x carve yet, BUT…

With setting each workpiece to the bit from before…

Wouldn’t that result in a decent amount of “air carving”?
Doesn’t seem as efficient, as opposed to adding the feature built in.