3 Stage carving

I think easel should have 3 stage carving as a option, my project is using a 1/4 bit for the bulk, 1/8 for the roughing left over. And a V bit for the very fine detail the 1/8 can’t get, I have one page for the 1/4 and 1/8, and another for the V Bit detailing with it set as the detailing and the one 1/8 again as the roughing. The detail bit is doing all of my project which I just needed to finish doing the very fine detail of what the 1/8 couldn’t do, 3 stage carving would just do the stuff the 1/8 couldn’t do but unfortunately in easel it’s not a feature. Please Easel development team make this a feature.

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You can, just setup another workpiece for the different bit

What you do is setup the carve with 2 larger bits of the 3 , then duplicate the project and set the bits to the smaller 2 (of 3).

You use the first layout for 2 bits, then only run the detail toolpath on the 3rd setup…

Alternatively you can get even more restrictive by using single bits and splitting up the carve… like this.

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So. I have posed this same request awhile back.

Even though there is a work around (multiple work pieces…)

I am still a firm believer that this functionality should be baked in.