30% Off Holiday Sale for the Complete Triquetra 3 Axis Touch Plate Kit

I listed this on my original post but there are so many entries I was afraid that many people are missing it. So here it is. You get the entire kit. Everything you need for 3 axis zeroing for 30% off through Christmas. I have been hard at work getting these out to customers and so far haven’t had any delays in getting almost 100 orders filled since Thanksgiving. If you go to my website and it shows that they are on backorder don’t worry. I have enough material to make about 100 more. If there will be more than a one day delay I will post that on the order page.

The Triquetra Touch Plate is compatible with all versions of the X Carve and Shapeoko as well as other brands of CNC Routers and Milling Machines. It supports both GRBL and Mach3 controllers. Get them while there hot at 30% off with no coupon code needed.

Visit www.triquetra-cnc.com to place your order.

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any deals on Y plates?

Charley, I need one to use for zeroing 1/4" stock, any chance you can make me one with a smaller profile? The default works for X and Y, but then I have to flip it over to zero the Z…

I was thinking about that. What I thought I could do is create a bundle order with the Touch Plate and Y Plates together. Then subtract the cost of shipping the Y plates alone since I can send them in the same box and pass that savings on to the customer. So basically I can offer them for $7.15 less if they ship with a Touch Plate kit. Aside from that, I already have them priced as low as I can considering I pay for priority mail shipping and the time involved in making a set. If your interested in that let me know and I will send you a invoice through PayPal since it is not currently set up that way on my website that way.

Hope that all makes sense to you.


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@DarrylKegg, I would be happy to make one to your specs. I don’t jack up the price for that either. Just let me know about what dimensions you want and I will confirm with your that I can make it that way. I have some 3/4 inch stock that I could use also if that would help you out.


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Is there an upgrade for those using an older version? I see 2 cd’s there. I mean the software.

Thankyou for the reply. I don’t have a need for the touch plate right now. I’ll be buying the y plates in the future. I was just gonna get them sooner if they were on sale.

@StephenCook, you have inspired me! How about a Merry Christmas from Triquetra CNC to all the loyal users of the earlier version of the Triquetra Touch Plate. Send me a PM and I will send you a link and registration info for the Triquetra Tool Box for free from now until December 12 at midnight US Central time (GMT -6). A flash sale as it were but the cost is $0.00. My way of thanking the Inventables community of Triquetra Owners for their support. The only catch is that you have to be an owner of the Triquetra Touch Plate purchased between February 2016 and December 31 2016. (All orders placed after December 31 2016 already qualify for the software)

Almost all of the other files contained on the two DVD’s are already available on the Triquetra Users Page of my website.

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Hi Charley,

Just got a new CNC for Christmas! Any chance of extending your 30% Off Holiday Sale another week to the New Year? Thanks.


Hi @MichaelOkeefe, I would love to do just that, problem is I had such a great response prior to Christmas that my stock is all but gone. It won’t be until after the new year before I can get more material to startup production again. I still have a couple left but when they are gone, that will be it until I can re-supply. I should have more by the end of next week so it isn’t like I am out of business… far from it. I just don’t want to get into a position where I have 50 back orders all of a sudden.

By the way, congrats on the new machine.

No problem Charley. Just thought I’d ask and see if I could grab a touch plate at the discounted rate. Glad your business is doing so well. Looking forward to playing with my new machine.