3018 carve set up

Please Help! I am new to this. I am having problems with my y axes. It will not run completely front to back while it is secured. I loosen it up and it run the length then. I replaced the screw and also I have tried to shim the clamps also I have to replace the screw, but whatever I do it sieges up toward of each run.

Hi thomas. it looks like you having a problem in your build. Make sure that your gantry is 90deg in square with your Y axis beams. also measure your distances between your two y axis beams. Make sure that your two Y axis beams are perfectly perpendicular with each other. These built problems can cause your machine movement on your Y axis to seize and it can result in damage to your drivers and motors.

@ThomasFox Did you solve your Y Axis problem. Post some photos. It might help.

No this did not do the trick.

start here 3018 PRO CNC Build - YouTube