3018 CNC total amateur

Hello everyone. I have an elderly neighbour in his 80s.
He’s purchased a 3018 in order to make some very basic patterns.
He assembled the machine himself, and asked if I could install the software to a laptop.
I have no experience of anything like this and so watched a James Dean YouTube tutorial

I installed the software as he described but instead of the test square, the machine is cutting one line into the board and returning to start point. I have no idea what’s wrong.

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Hey Morgan, James’s videos are great, he’s a friend and we chat almost daily :grinning:.

The line issue sound like posdibly the axis that isnt moving to carve the square might be bound (linear rods that arent properly parallel to one another and the lead screw) . . . .OR the coupler from the lead screw to the stepper motot shaft may be loose.

Does the machine jog fully and in the proper directions?
(Also note that on a 3018, since the bed moves, the forward button is supposed to move the bed back, and vice versa for the back button)

This jog function is easily changed within the software, so if that ends up being the main issue, i can provide details on how to correct that :+1:

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