3018 motor wont go on after diconnect laser and re connect

Hi & thanks for your help!!
I had my 3018 carving earlier then tried the laser and could not get it to burn, so I took out the laser and put the spindle back in.
Now in setup I can move all of the axis, but the motor wont go on. I’ve checked the wiring and it seems right… any ideas?

I have the exact same problem, other than I got my laser to work. How do I get my DSpindle going again??

I had the same problem. Try checking the following $$ code as the laser software switches off and Arduino remembers the last set up

$30=1000 (Max spindle speed)
|$31=0 (Min spindle speed, RPM)
$32=0 (Laser mode)

hope this helps

I made a button to turn it on/off for the laser. So yeah when I go into LaserGRBL turning the laser back on when it is disconnected turns the spindle on. How do I Stop the Laser GRBL program overriding the Normal Spindle?

Sussed it cheers dude. Yeah my button was changing the laser mode, leaving it at 1 when I closed the program. Just means I need to make sure I turn the laser mode back to 0 before closing the program :wink:

The manafacturer were actually going to send me a refund as they didn’t know how to fix it lol

So next relating problem. When My Laser runs, so does the spindle!.

Is there a way to ensure my spindle turns off when my Laser turns on through the software. All of the wires are pretty un-connectable.

Basically with 3018, and all other CNC You should not use both together, as You supposed to set laser mode, and turn off positioning if Youre using Lightburn, and at least tur on Laser mode for LaserGRBL. As far i think You may not be able to turn one of em when both are plugged, as they are using same command (M3). What I can suggest You is outsource power for spindle, but still, if they are on same holder, after milling it may be terrible focused and dirty (laser lense)