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3018-MX3 and Easel

Does anyone know if Easel will work with Genmitsu 3018-MX3. Recently I upgraded from the 3018 Pro which worked with Easel to the 3018-MX3.

Easel does not recognize this machine. This CNC has a different controller that works with Mach3.

I would like to continue using Easel if possible.


Mach3 and Grbl are apples and oranges. Mach3 was originally designed for older computers with a parallel printer port. There is an adapter that you can purchase to use with a usb computer. I have mach3 on my other machine with a probotix controller and use the Xcontroller via UGS on my X carve. You can generate gcode wherever you like and Mach3 will run it. Having a generic post processor like fanuc helps in that regard.

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