3018 sansmart

bcant get it to hook up to windows 11 i can control everything manual but it loads and moves and plunges through work piece im new to this i have the cut depth at 1/16 to see and it still just sinks it i have candel installed i have looked at more u tube and videos same results anyone have any advise i guess machine works i can move everything manuly

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Hi Jim,

Have you run the included test carves with success?

Also does your model have limit switches?
If not than i bet that the safety height in easel is set too high causing the cnc to lift, crash into the top, lose steps and then it’ll plunge extra by the amount that it crashed by… this safety height can be changed by thing to machine>general settings. Make sure to edit both the safety height and the origin safety height if needed.

I set the safety depth it won’t do the test in the off line controller just plunges and tried to carve 3/4 deep been trying to get ahold of sane smart no response from them

it is highly recommended to perform initial carve including the test carves provided with the machine using a computer and the program they included: candle gcode sender. The reason for this is there are “alarm” codes that will be presented under certain conditions and the offline controller does not show these alarms and makes troubleshooting and setup much more difficult.

I suggest checking out the James Dean Designs YouTube channel and his playlist on 3018 initial setup.
(the playlist starts on video 2, but you may want to start with episode 1)

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