30711-01 lubricant

wheres it go? is it for the z-axis screw?

I can’t find it in the store.
can you post a pic?
I never got any lube with my system.

I got lube too.
But with no explanation.
I’m guessing it may be for the Z lead screw, but that would only be a dust collector.

@PhilJohnson, @StephenCook

under label revealed… not magic pixie dust…


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nice, hopefully they are 100% pure neverland pixies/fairies… I cant stand imitation fairies… althought I thought there was a ban on the import of mystical creatures and mystical creature products…

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according to the site its for the leadscrew.
I would use graphite or a super thin layer of lithium.

I use a ‘dry’ Teflon lubricant I get from a bicycle shop.


So Phil, where exactly did you meet these pixies? :grinning:

I thought it had something to do with getting the machine and having to wait 3 weeks for the X-controller.