30T escapement gear - SVG

I have recently started to make my own wood-geared pendulum clock. The ‘going train’ gears are easy to design and machine, but I am really struggling to design an escapement gear. I could buy plans from Brian Law or Clayton Boyer - but that would be cheating in my book!
Does anyone have an SVG for a 30T escapement gear I could use to get me going down the right track?

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So this could be totally off (I’m not really sure what a 30T escapement gear is) but I’ve used this site in the past to generator gears: https://geargenerator.com/

You can then export as an .svg and bring into Easel. Again this might not be what you are looking for though!

Many thanks Brandon - but geargenerator.com (and other similar sites) only consider involute gears and symmetrical sprockets. An escapement gear (with associated ‘anchor’ mechanism) are somewhat different, in that the toothform is not symmetrical, but canted to allow CW and CCW torque to be transmitted to the pendulum arrangement on the two phases of the pendulum swing.
Great that you responded to my plea for help - thanks once again.

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Excellent @NeilFerreri1! This is exactly what I was looking for - but then for you to have this to hand you no doubt know the difficulty of designing one of these! I am a long-retired mechanical engineer - great with my hands but not too good with 2D/3D CAD, even though I used Pro-Engineer and Unigraphics in my later working years.
Many thanks - this will set me a nice task for tomorrow in scaling the gear and designing an anchor to go with it.

Very best wishes - stay safe!

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WARNING! The file escapement.SVG appears to have a virus in it! The instant I downloaded the file from the forum, my PC went into apoplexy and went to a BSOD within seconds!
Now having to restore it from a backup made a few months ago - damn!
Hope this has not infected anyone else!

It’s an SVG, basically a text file.
Created in Inkscape from a DXF drawing in Fusion 360 on the PC I’m on now which is at a school that blocks everything and constantly scans.
I doubt there’s a virus, but if you find proof, please let me know.

EDIT: I checked with Windows Defender and a few online checkers…all clean.

You are totally correct Neil! I had to restore my PC with an earlier backup (reminder to self - do backups more regularly!), install the software that wasn’t on the PC at that time - THEN made another backup, just in case.
When I downloaded the .SVG this time, with bated breath, there were no problems at all.
So, I am absolutely no wiser as to why my PC had an epileptic fit when clicked on the file - but very glad that it wasn’t a virus - just me managing to do something unexpected I reckon!
At my age, I love technology - but it is a love/hate relationship.

Sincere apologies for causing you any inconvenience and thanks once again for being so kind as to help me out.

All the best!


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Well that shows you my gear ignorance… glad @NeilFerreri1 got it sorted for you!