33h, 58min Roughing pass?

I am trying a second 3D carve, but i don’t think I can do a 34 hour carve.???

Bit 0.125
Step Over 20%
Feed Rate 15 in/min
Plunge Rate 1 in/min
Depth Per Pass 0.05 in

Trying to add .zip file too…

those are the specs for the roughing pass?!
What cnc machine are you using?

I’d set the stepover to 40% and increase the Feed and Plunge as much as possible.
Even with a 3018 style machine you can typically rough using like 27IPM feed and 4IPM plunge, might need a little less depth per pass though with the little 60w spindle, like 0.03"
Those changes, even for a 3018, would bring the roughing down to like 12 hours, which really isn’t bad for a 3018.

I should have included the machine specs…

Yes YoraHome 3036
Upgraded 500w spindle
Material X=8.27
Y= 13.2
I have been doing CNC since January 2022. I have been doing mm for a few years, making the conversion back to inches has been difficult for speeds and feeds.

Thank You Seth

Thanks for the info.
The 3036 with that spindle is a bit more capable than the 3018 with a 60w spindle that i based my prior settings on.

For your setup id use 40IPM feed, 8IPM plunge, 0.05" depth per pass and 40% stepover. This is for softwood, for hardwood reduce these by about 20% on feed, plunge rate and depth per pass. And you should be good.

I also typically set the cut specs using metric but do a lot of switching back and forth at work and my mechanical engineers design however they want. So i keep the calculator handy fot some 25.4 multiplyin or dividing :laughing: