$366 on ebay

That is incredible resolution! Does it burn that as a raster image or vectors?

Can do both.

I think I can do better. I’ll post again in the am.

Cell phone cam doesn’t do it justice. Also gotta turn down the power and try again.

Not knowing the size of a quarter dollar, is that small? :grinning:

445nm laser diode on a grain of rice.

On a Pinto Bean.


Good question. Never engraved enough grains of rice to find out. :wink:


US quarter is 24.26mm diameter or about the size of an australian $1 coin

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That’s amazing. Does a lower power laser make more precise engraving?

The smallest focal point we are able to achieve is .005" with a 445nm LD and from what I have read, a CO2 can be focused smaller. But, with a CO2 the power is allot more intense, so without reducing the laser power considerably and/or moving real fast, it will just disintegrate the piece of rice.

I did this after a challenge from someone that used a CO2 to write there name on a grain of rice.

Post #17

Post #135 It was done with a 2W 445nm LD.

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Very nice. I have a beginner’s question for you. I saw on ebay that there are to tubes for water. Does it have to hook up to a live water line or does it use water in a tank?

The ones I was looking at used an small water pump (like an aquarium pump) and a bucket of water sitting nearby. I think the controller could activate a relay to turn on the water pump when the machine powered on, But that may have been a option.

It uses a fountain pump and a bucket to circulate the water. What most do not come with is a flow switch to disable the laser if the water is not flowing. Running the system without water will kill the laser tube in no time flat. A flow switch should be your first purchase and modification. Lid safety switch is also missing and needs to be installed. This is on the cheapest of lasers. If you spend more money, you will get more features.

Exactly. Ordered the flow switch for $7.50. Next is a 3d printed air assist and pump. Have about $480 invested at this point. Acrylic is my new friend.

Making “gifts” like crazy now :wink:


3 more today. Harley sign was done on the Xcarve due to size.


Can you provide the link to the flow switch? Thanks again


I mounted mine under the laser tube cover

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Thanks for sharing. I doubt you are bored, but if you felt so inclined to show your upgrades that brought you to the $480 that would be great. I am about to click the buy button and certainly appreciate your direct feedback so far. I just need to get the other half to agree that it is the right time to make the purchase and the potential upgrades…fun times.

Check out the link to the G+ group above. I promise you will not be bored! It will give you some great ideas on the cost of various upgrades and where to find them. It will also show your better half more cool things she can make too.

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