3D Cabinet Door

A few weeks ago I got a chance to explore the Cincinnati Art Museum, where I saw some incredible examples of hand carved furniture. With that inspiration, I set out to create a simple piece of furniture that combined Easel’s cabinet generator with the new 3D functionalities. Honestly, it turned out way nicer than I could have imagined!

Carve time ~ 3 hours, the 3D piece is 10" wide x 20" tall mahogany


Here is an example of the kind of incredible hand carved furniture that inspired this build!

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Yeah, @LukeWilson1 this is incredible! Can you share your cut settings with the group and maybe a little more info about how you set up the carve?

Roughing Bit:
Roughing Feed:
Roughing DoC:
Finishing Step over:
Finishing Feed:

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Hey Ben-

Sure thing!

Machine: X-Carve Pro 4’ x 4’
Material: Mahogany
Roughing Bit: 1/4" Ballnose
Roughing Feed: 200 in/min
Roughing DoC: 0.25"
Roughing Step over: 40%
Finishing Bit: 1/4" Ballnose
Finishing Feed: 150 in/min
Finishing Step over: 8%
Workholding: Painters tape and super glue
Finish: Clear coat
Sanding: I sanded the carve with a dremel flex shaft with an abrasive buffing brush

I tend to run fairly fast feeds because I am impatient. The machine handled it no problem though!

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You used the same 1/4" ballnose? Cool.

How was the surface finish?

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Surface finish was really good - very little work off the table. I chose to use the same 1/4" ballnose for rough and finish because it was the path of least resistance and eliminated any risk from tool change/rezero inconsistency. I was impressed with the balance of roughing speed and finishing quality!