3d Carve assistance please... LOST!

Question about a 3d Carve. (BTW, I carve in foam)

purchased a 3d design.

Roughing pass was done with a .38 bit and seemed to go ok.

finishing was done with a 1/8 ball nose. about 1/2 way through I see that the roughing carve took way too much material out of some areas, leaving the 1/8 finishing carve hitting nothing.

Any ideas what might have caused this??

Ill attempt to link the project 😉 Keep in mind I modified the project now to reflect a 1/4 inch bit for the roughing, but I am afraid to re do this as I have no reason to believe it won’t screw up again. (yup, its a large carve too)

Project: https://easel.inventables.com/projects/ZOgoiu1R9_FzqFdVEH1qig

ill also include a picture of the area it took too much off from.
the red circled area is what was cut too much.
its odd. its not like a belt slip as I would see the rest of the carve be off.
I used a z probe for depth and the machine did not bottom out during the carve.

Any assistance would be helpful

Too bad your roughing pass is gone now, first thing that comes to mind is spoilboard or workpiece mounting not coplaner with the X & Y axis, which a close inspection of the roughing would have revealed. Just for fun use the read out on your Z axis to check your spoil board.

I thought of that as well. I had recently cut some plexi with measurements of .001 of an inch and had no issues so I would have to assume its good.?
also, I have done several 3d carves before with zero issues…
it leads me to believe the file could be the culprit? I am trying to remember if I had to shrink the file down (meaning it was over the size limit)
IDK… just really struggling trying to figure this one out.
I appreciate the reply!

@ChrisStrahan1 .
The other thought that comes to mind is perhaps a bit of twist in the workpiece, or a fold in the tape if you were glueing, or even a bit of debris trapped under the workpiece.
My newbie mistake was using threaded inserts in my spoilboard so it is easy to use a bolt that is a little long which lifts the spoilboard.

It may be as simple as your finishing pass bit being a little too high. I’m not sure how you zeroed everything. It might be possible to re-run your finishing pass after lowering your finishing bit a small amount.

Well wouldnt the entire carve be off then vs a certain section?
I used the probe for both roughing and finishing.

If its a simple z zeroing issue. Yes…

Bit Not if the z axis is bottoming out when it reaches the lower placement. Then from that point on the carve will fail to reach the depth needed…

Have you verified the finishing bit is capable of reaching the wasteboard? (Out facebook conversation with the video about that new version z axis)

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