3d carve help please

Hi, some one can help me? i will like to carve some fishes is there any metod i can use to do it from images?

As a simple test, I took your image, went and google searched: “jpg to svg”, and used the site convertio.

It converted the image to svg, downloaded, and I put that image in to easel.

Now, it made a very rough image, and when selecting a 1/32 bit, it did look “ok” when i set it to engrave at 1/2".

If you’re wanting something more detailed (with the actual curvature of the fish), you’d need to find a high quality 3d model of the fish you’re wanting.

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Easel does not do 3D carving. The carving we normally do are 2.5D (obviously we produce 3D objects but the paths are rally a 2d planar cut). You’d need a tool like v-carve to carve a true 3D object (or a cad/cam package like fusion360) which can generate those paths.

Here is a 3D fish model for v-carve
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