3D carve rotate the file

Is there a way to rotate the image to be carved without rotating the work piece?
One file I am looking at would fit well on a smaller board if the board stayed put while changing the angle of the image.

I have been experimenting with putting the board on an angle and setting up a false zero point at the front left with a taped down block that I can use to probe. Trouble is I have to let the CNC carve air over the lake or ocean, for several hours until it gets to the workpiece.

Sure select all and grab the handle


@Ken4 Thanks for the answer.
Select all does not give a handle. The STL handler allows you to rotate the image, but it also rotates the board I want to carve. Does not reposition the carve on the board.
Guess I am gonna have to learn to use a mesh handler.

oops, here you can rotate your stl file


Thank you thank you.
The key is locking X & Y then rotating the image, then you can center to the material and size the material to suit.

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