3D carved habs logo

hey everyone,

Beginner here, i’ve had my cnc for about 6 months and been pumping out some nice projects.

This was my very first 3d attempt on a cnc. using a longmill Mk2 30x30 Gsender for the carve. 1/4 downcut and a 1/32 tappered round nose.

Felt a tad lost when i first imported the stl. started with a simple habs logo and played lots with setting to get my bearings. started a roughing pass on 0.75 mdf.

it carved deep in the wood as if to have the carve at the bottom of the material rather then the top. i have no idea why but tried again. I felt a little lost with trying to get the carve where i wanted it inside the material.

attempt 2 but smaller this time. I entered my material as 0.5 and that seemed to make it carve at the top of the material rather then the bottom.

This one turned out exactly what i had in mind.
roughing took 5 min. and 1hour for the finishing.

Would love an easier and faster way to view the preview. also maybe have the button on the screen. took me a few minutes to figure out i had to click generate toolpath before getting a preview.