3D Carving from the center

In a regular project, there is a new option of “Choose X/Y zero” option of Center. I don’t see it on a 3D carve project. I am carving on a piece of raw wood (round branch). I am doing it in 2 steps: 1) carve a flat oval as a regular 2D carve and then 2) carve the 3D carve in the middle of the oval. Because the branch is not a strict rectangle, finding the center point for carving is difficult, so the carve from the center is a great option, but it is not available on the 3D carve. Any suggestions?


The function can be achieved in 3d using a little work around.

Take the Model SIZE and divide by 2 , make that a negative value and enter into the POSTION boxes. Do this for both X and Y.
The Model will be relocated to the 0,0 corner of the grid below and it’ll be ready to carve using center origin just as you do with 2.5D workspace.

Here’s how that new 2.5D centering function works for anybody else coming to this thread later on :smiley:
I’ll probably do another short video showing the above explained work around for the 3D workspace.


SethCNC - Thanks for the great directions. That looks like it is exactly what I am looking for. Haven’t carved it this way yet, but will be trying it very soon. But it sure looks like it will work great! Thank you!

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