3D carving help

So, it seems to me there should be easy sources for more 3D images out there!

What I would love is a 3D image that I can put in vcarve of a Brittany Spaniel dog. My sister just got a new puppy, so I think a cool plaque would be a great gift, with a dog image sticking out of a recessed dish or something. Anyone have an idea where I can find something like that? How do people create their own images? There are a few dog pictures on vectorart3d.com. They have a springer spaniel, which is pretty close. What do you guys do to get specific images you need when an idea strikes?

Try https://www.vectorart3d.com/store/

Thingverse is a good resource for 3D models.
They are for 3d printing so many do not translate well to CNC carving.

The nice thing about purchasing sign making models from “vector art” or “design and make” is the “1/8 inch ball nose certified” models. (Models that are optimize to carve well using larger bits.)

As far as making your own? Ugh that is a tricky proposition. There are lots of software options. But there is a huge learning curve on 3d sculpting.

You could do a 2.5 carve using some traced puppy clipart or a photo carve of a picture of the puppy itself.

https://www.vectorart3d.com/store/ also has their files in .stl format.

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