3d carving on 3018pro

can easel do 3d carving with a 3018 pro cnc? If so some instruction would be helpful.

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Welcome to these forums :slight_smile:

Easel can not generate 3D models (*)
Easel can import and send gcode of 3D models designed in different software
Easel can not edit imported gcode

3018 Pro is a GRBL machine, same as Xcarve so if Easel can send it the 3018 Pro can receive it.
(* - Easel have a gradient tool allowing some degree of shaping)

If you can elaborate on what kind of projects you want to do a more tailored response is possible :slight_smile:

The 3018 is pretty light weight for doing serious 3D work. In most cases, it is advertised as an “Engraver” and not a “Router”. Its spindle is not sized for serious material removal, its frame will flex if you don’t work slowly and in most cases, 3D carving is limited to half the height of the Z axis.

Even the X-Carves struggle.


thanks for the input. I’ll mainly be doing engraving and some light milling.

thanks for your help. Just was wondering