3D Carving Slingshots With The X-Carve

Hey guys,
In this video I am exploring the usefulness of the X-Carve for sling shot making. First I started off with just simple 2D milling using easel, the outline was cut out 3 times and the rest was done with hand tools.
I wanted the Cnc to be doing more and for me to be doing less so I did some searching and found a great tutorial by winston moy here:

Using this tutorial I then set about making my own Rambone.
enjoy the results!

The next step is to try and make a 3D stl for my own slingshot design, any tips?


Great job @HenryHaslam

Later when I get some time I may post back and see if I can help get an STL made of your design if there are no other takers.


@HenryHaslam The two easiest ways to create a .stl of your design is either a program like Solidworks or fusion 360 (fusion 360 is free, but i happen to like solidworks much better. Again I might be partial as I have been using it a long time) or if the model you carved is perfect to your liking, you can 3d scan it into a .stl and always have the ability to change things in Zbrush. Always a way, just have to be willing to deal with the learning curves of each application.

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thanks man!
There are no takers yet but some ideas about using a phone app that takes multiple photos from different angles that might work?
anyway thanks!

Thanks, my only progress so far is in fusion 360 but i have not got far!
I may have to in the end go to a 3d scanner but I am not sure how it will deal with the mirror finish on the aluminium.

You might be able to use AutoDesk’s 123d app. This might be the software you are talking about, you just take as many photos as you can and it will make you a 3D model. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but it’s worth a shot!

Yes I think that that was the app that I had a while ago, I might give it another shot now. I assume that since the software is auto desk it will import strait into fusion 360 for more editing?

I was going to suggest the same thing.

It may even add the file to your projects in Fusion 360’s cloud storage area.