3D Carving Tips / Training

Looking for help on how to create 3D carvings. Not finding any help on YouTube or anywhere else.

Can anyone help with some tips or training?

Creating models or just carving someone else’s?
What do you want to make?

Hey Neil, thanks for replying.

I’m looking to mostly make signs with 3D textures in the background. To simplify what I’m looking to, just think of raised lettering in the middle of a sign and rolling textures in the background. Another way to describe the “3D” carving I’m looking to do would be a flag waiving in the wind (smooth flowing textures).

That said, I do have round nose bits and v-bits, as wells as completed multiple carves. I’m somewhat new but not completely green.

Do you only use Easel?
What your describing could be done with Carbide Create or V-carve.
If you want to actually make 3D models, you should look at Fusion 360.

There is a texture app in Easel IIRC :slight_smile:

Easel can’t generate 3D gcode though. :disappointed:

There are different 3D Cad programs out there. I use Rhino3d which was “the” popular one before Fusion 360 was developed. 3D Cad is probably where you want to spend your time if you want to get into objects other than just sign work. There is a learning curve involved but it is worth it. Fusion used to be free for non commercial use. Now I think there is a time limitation or it can be renewed each year. I downloaded it and it doesn’t seem as intuitive as I’d like. Rhino has built in tutorials. You still need another program to turn your drawing into Gcode. I use Meshcam. The nice part is you can use these programs for 3d printing too.

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