3d curvy carve 3d adaptive strategy Fusion 360

Hello Carvers,

Wanted to push my machine a bit and see if i could get some cool organic shapes. Here is what i got.

Total z cut was 1". I used fusion 360 for cad and cam. The tool path was adaptive 3d. with the following settings:

On accident i pushed my x carve by setting roughing step down to .39". It actually handled it pretty well. Doing it again i would reduce it to .2". Carve took about 45 min in 1.75" thick pine.


Great stuff, looks like it turned out pretty well. What type of wood is that there? It’s especially neat to see another persons set-up via the X-Carve through Fusion360. Haven’t been using it for that long but I’ve been really impressed with the 360’s power/flexibility so far.

Are you using Easel for machine control still via the G-Code importer or some other software?

I’ve become proficient with the Sketchup->MeshCAM->ChiliPeppr workflow. It lets me make nice two-sided 3D parts quickly. However, I find the smarter tool paths and flexible stock modeling in Fusion360 really appealing. I guess I’ll start putting some time into learning Fusion360.

The wood is pine, wanted to use something soft and relatively cheap. I use the gcode importer from easel works well.