3D Default "Depth per pass" -hardwood

It looks like Easel Automatic settings defaults the depth per pass to 0.0032". At the same time, Easel gives a warning about the depth being under 0.1" per pass.

With it being a 3d carve, does the Depth need to be so shallow? I know I might have to do some test cuts, but wanted to get a good starting point.

Thanks in advance

That is a great question. I noticed the same thing and automatically just changed the the value. I await someone more knowledgeable than us.


All settings provided as defaults are conservative estimates and should be adjusted by the cnc operator based on your specific setup.

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This point is interesting as the depth per pass in mm is not the same (0.7mm = 0.028"), around ten times greater. In my 3d relief models with lots of deep and wide valleys I prefere normally to stick to this 0.7mm (=quarter of my bit size) or increase to 1.35mm (almost half of the bit size). But this is a consensus between having

  • 0.7mm => more roughing passes but less to be removed by the finishing pass and thus better finish quality on my point of view
  • 1.35mm => less roughing passes but more material to be removed by the finishing pass in some places

As summary Iā€™m a bit surprised by this 10 times factor between the default settings in the inch or mm worlds

I actually made a typo. The automatic default for roughing depth is 0.032", not 0.0032".

Feed 72"/min
Plunge 24"/min
40% step over

So it is closer to the default in mm.