3d (depth map) grayscale images

You can try adjusting the -DXms and -DXmx values. Especially if you have a more powerful computer.
…then again, 4g max is quite a lot to be offering up to the Java god.

ref: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14763079/what-are-the-xms-and-xmx-parameters-when-starting-jvms


Thank you I will have to try that with my next project. A kind soul turned my bitmap into a .stl for me and I think I will be playing with this one for quite awhile so many options so little time.

Sleep what’s that I know I heard of that exclusive animal somewhere but no time to hunt it. I have a new X-carve.

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In the final finish cut . 30 min rough 3 hours 1st finish with 1/6 tapered ball nose 8 hours last finish 1/32 tapered ball nose.

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Finished the cut the final with 1/32" tapered ball actually took two days to run, WOW. It’s off to the painter now ( well into the house for the wife to paint). Thank you to everyone that helped me on this project.

Ok so I want to take this and cut though around the design V-carve says it will take a total of 247 hours to do can this be right?

I’m going to do a new one in oak. That was done on poplar. On The new one I have 1st rough with 1/4" end mill, 2nd rough 1/8" end mill, 1st finish 1/16" tapered ball, and 2nd finish 1/32" tapered ball.

Might be my step over it’s really low 7% on the 1/16" and 4.9% on the 1/32" bit.

The detail did not come out on the eagle heads the way I wanted either.

This is how it was supposed to look.

So cut out the 1/4" rough and 1/16" finish? But why am I not getting the detail that the preview has?

My Triquetra will be here Friday. I have just been eying it and I guess not that well. How can I change the detail?

When I loaded the .stl file it was like 100 times bigger than my board, I had to really pull it in to fit.

When you bring a STL in Vcarve/Aspire and then resize X and Y, it auto resizes the Z as well. You may need to increase the model thickness to get a better carve.

A new version is available. All future version info available on this thread. Jeremys 3d depthmap software

I’ll be giving that a look for sure. I know nothing at all about that stuff, but I’m gonna learn. Thank you for sharing

I just read this entire thread with my morning coffee. You guys are awesome.

Has anyone else had success with this Fusion 360 plugin? I don’t have VCarve, nor can I afford it at the moment.

do you like the software? :beer:buy me a beer :beer:


Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much. I was trying to use image2surface in Fusion360 and getting nowhere.

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Is there a way to take a JPG PNG or BMP to heightmap or does it have to be OBJ STL etc?


That will take a bitmap and convert it to a type of heightmap.
Maybe not what you want but its worth a try