3D extrusion printing

Hi, I just finished building my Shapeoko 2 printer. Yes, I bought one of the last ones, but I was extremely pleased how well the kit was made. Everything was perfectly straight, no items were missing, it was just a quality build. I think it is teriffic. My 3d Printer however is not doing well. I bought a Printrbot Plus and used it with my student interns all summer. I worked like a champ, but now that I need parts the vendor can’t supply them. Any chance that you could put the same kind of quality (Shapeoko) kit together with 80/20 in a 10" x10" build area with heated bed and dual extruder? I’m not a tinkerer, I just want to save some money by assembling and incorporating some lessons learned. A fan of your engineering. :blush:

Take a look at this:

Thanks Zach. I could probably use this or my printrbot as a template and build something stiff enough to hold up to the load of my students running lots of work during the summer. It is probably foolish of me, but I would like to have something that someone has already been successful with the electronics package. I know I can build something stiff enough, but I am worried I can muck up the electronics.

I really do appreciate your products and hope you grow your lineup.

Try this http://www.reprapdiscount.com/mechanical-plattforms/21-ordbot-ultimate-power-electronics.html

Thank you, I bought it.