3D Finish pass woes

My finish pass stop removing material about 30% through the pass and then it cuts air. This has happened on 3 of the 4 boards I’ve used.

I have no problems with my rough pass. It removes the same amount of material throughout the pass so I don’t think it’s machine setup. Just to make sure, I resurfaced my bed to make sure it was level to the bit.

I measured the thickness of the boards on each side to see if the board was somehow uneven… but if it was uneven, the rough pass would’ve had the same problem.

So far, my solution was to stop the carve, reset Z0 to a little deeper which will eventually work, but it ends up digging a little too deep on the side it starts.

I used Vcarve-Pro 10.5 to create the tool paths and UGS 2.0.12 to run the cut.

I’m doing a Raster cut on the finish pass at the default 0 degrees. I’ve found that using the offset strategy ends up hosing the cut. I’m thinking of changing my raster cut to 90 degrees to see what happens.

I only have this issue on 3D finish cuts, not on any other type of cuts.

Any suggestions?

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