3D finishing path stopping mid run

During my finish pass run the xCarve just stops. It stays in place spinning and I get no message on the computer screen saying there was a problem. I’m not running my vacuum and all the connector cords are fine. I tried rerunning the same file 3 times with it happening around the 20% mark. I switched files and that one ran about 60% before stopping. I have no problems running 2D carving at all. Plus the roughing pass in 3D has no problems. Getting frustrated having to keep throwing out wood and starting over.

The detailed carve uses more memory than the roughing carve. Take a look at your PC memory usage in task manager as this is potentially a memory related issue.

Thanks James… I was wondering that but surprised a message didn’t pop up. But then again, if it is a memory issue, it might not have enough to tell me. I’ll make more room and see if that works.

have you disabled USB selective suspend? (this is a windows setting so if you’re on a MAC this doesn’t apply, BUT if you’re on PC this setting really needs to be disabled)

On a Mac but thanks for the response. I’m about to retry the carve today.

I use a Mac too. Activity Manager should give you some insight to what your memory is doing.

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Looks like with the help from this forum, I finally am able to carve my finish pass without it stopping. I went in and made more room in my storage. Not RAM or ROM just storage space. Must be it shoves bits and bytes in there when needed to run. Anyway, thanks to those who answered.