3D High Relief

I do not know if this should be called high relief but here goes. Has anyone taken a head sculpture and used the vectrics slice option and come up with a 3 or 4 inch plaque. _ would like to attempt this as my next project. after I get a new router the dewalt 611 lasted only 2 weeks. Maybe I need to switch to another brand or model._

I have been doing some relief carving using v carve pro, making models in DAZ 3d exporting as an .obj file and using 3d builder (part of windows 10) to control the z on different parts of my model, As an example, deleting the whole back half of a person. I can the save the whole design as an .stl which I then manipulate (slice) in v carve. I have made my work a lot quicker by putting a vector boundary around my model and a box (vector) around that. I can then clean out the area between the model and the box with a bigger bit by doing a pocket cut and use a slightly smaller bit to rough the model and finish it with what ever I want. My deepest work has been .75 inches.

I have been using a 300 watt dc spindle with no problem so I can only think that your router was faulty or that you are being way too aggressive with your cuts. remember that a lot of the people that use these machines are doing flat work like cutting out shapes so they run things very fast and deep.

That is good to know. I didn’t know that. By the way I went back to Lowes and try to buy another 611. I bought a warranty. They didn’t have one. They also gave me a hard time about returning it. I went to another Lowes and they also were out. Makes me wonder if Lowes is going to stop handling them or they are reducing stock to close stores. oh well