3D items into CAD

Google has let me down and I’m hoping someone can walk me down the trail.

I’m looking to make a custom case for an object, let’s say a micrometer. I’m wanting to take the 3d object from one of the 3d rendering programs (123D Catch) and import it into a CAD program (Fusion 360). I’m hoping to put that 3d object on a 3/4" board in the CAD and then sinking it down halfway. I’m curious if anyone knows how/if this can be done and still keep the 3d aspect. Instead of just cutting a flat slot into the work piece to place the micrometer into I’m looking to make it fit the contours. I realize that they make vacuum forming for such a problem but that doesn’t help me much as I’d like to do it on my XCarve.


Download a trial of MeshCam, it’s super easy to do that. They also have a ton of tutorial depicting what your looking for. Fusion 360, does not do a good job caming .stl files

No kidding? I actually do have Meshcam but never considered it thinking it had to be done in CAD.

If (when) I get lost in the process would you be willing to walk me through? I’ll definitely check the videos but in case I need a safety net?

Sure let me know