3d lake map

I want to do a 3d lake map of wixom lake in beaverton mi, how much would someone charge to make a file ready to cut in easel.

@RussellHicks I did one of these a while back. If you’d like we can send me a message and we can look into it for you.

That would be great, let me know how much? something ready to cut in easel, I can put the writing on it, just need the cuts of the 3d map, just need the lake map from estey rd to m 30 on the south…

@RussellHicks I sent you a message to verify scope and give you a price to do the work.

Here is one I did but its not 3d, one piece with steps would be fine, if you can go from estey rd bridge down to where m 30 crosses it would good, that would focus more on just the lake.
You can email me at rdhicks@yahoo.com

@RussellHicks I have sent you an email. Looking forward to your response.

Sorry my email is rdhicks10@yahoo.com
I forgot the 10.