3D milling perfectly executed

Hello everyone, sorry but I do not speak English well. I created this project with Artcam. A post-processor er roughing and one for finishing. Running time 10 hours. Execution Software GBRL CONTROLLER. What do you think?



Beautiful work!

Thanck you Robert!

Really nice, Did you do this in pine, basswood, or something else? In the final photo, was it sanded or is that the finish after you finishing run?

Yes, you’re right

fir wood, the final picture is only the result of the finish. Soon the wood will be treated with a darker color

What size detail/finishing bit did you use? 1/16" ball?

Giovanni - This is beautiful! Great work and the detail is amazing.


1/32 in or 0,8 mm ball.

Very nice


very nice

Absolutely beautiful. Was that ArtCam Express or ArtCam Pro?

ArtCam Pro 2011

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