3D milling project?

Has anyone successfully completed a 3D mill yet on the xcarve?

Sure have, the better pic are further down in the thread when i used tooling board

Sure cool! What CAMspfteare did you use? I’m rnot ally struggling to cam 3D stuff

Oh yes! I used MeshCAM for mine, in MDF (this is half-inch thick), using the stock spindle and a two-flute quarter-inch round-nose bit. The crappy finish on the bottom was my fault, I used an incorrect parameter when I told MeshCAM where to start the finishing profile, so it left about 2/3rds of the bottom in the rough.


I used meshcam as well, very easy to use software

I have done a few basic things using the new 3D support in VCarve Pro 8.

I am still nowhere up to the point of creating my own 3D models…one of these days I plan to buy a 12 pack for some of the solidworks guys at work to see what they can do.


thanks guys