3d pojects

Can I ask if Easel has any software to do 3D design work?

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Easel is not really set up to design 3D projects. It does have the gradient carve tool which carves at different heights based upon the grey level of an image you input. However, that gradient has to come from some other source.

There are some good 3D modeling tools that are free. If you have Windows, you can download 3D Builder for free from Microsoft. It is compatible with several 3D formats and lets you create basic shapes and add and subtract those shapes from one another. There is also the web based tinkercad.com. Tinkercad has added “Codeblocks” which looks pretty much like Blockscad which is an offshoot of OpenSCAD. Finally, if you want to do more organic modelling you can try the web based SculptFab - SculptGL + Sketchfab

You can download ready made 3D shapes from Thingivers.com and from Printables.com.

Once you have 3D shapes, creating toolpaths for your CNC is still an issue. I use Vectric’s VCARVE Desktop. It will import 3D Models in .STL format and create G-Code to drive my CNC. G-Code created by Vectric can be uploaded to Easel which can then drive your X-Carve. However, uploaded G-Code cannot be previewed.


To add I would get PicSender to use as your G-code sender. I love using Easel because it is dead simple but I had issues with G code. Solved those with Picsender.

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