3D printed router template for cutting wasteboard edge slots (and a bit tip)

I just uploaded a model to Thingiverse that makes it easy to route the wasteboard edge slots using a handheld router with a 3/4" OD guide bushing. It’s also got alignment marks. Since I didn’t have metric router bits I discovered that 2 of the bits from my Freud Undersized Plywood Set (7/32 and 15/32) should be close enough. I don’t know how many other people are coming from 3D printing to CNC, but there’s at least one of us.


Saving this for when I do my next wasteboard. My first wasteboard I had a paper pattern made on a plotter for the holes, but my edges came out really bad/messy. Thanks for posting this!

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I haven’t decided what I’m going to do for the hold down holes in the wasteboard. I could do the threaded inserts (I even bought the inserts), but I’m also a Festool fan and if I do their 20mm hole pattern I can use my Festool clamps. One reason I didn’t buy the wasteboard already done was because I’ll probably try a few things and would feel bad about damaging one I paid so much for or even worse not using it at all. So I’d rather come up with tools that make them cheap and easy to replace. I was even thinking that I could mount a temporary one, place the real one over that, and have the CNC drill its own holes.

Clever design! I’ll save this for my next wasteboard. I struggled a lot doing the holes by hand with the router attachment for my dremel (they came real good but I didnt make slots, just the holes)

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