3D printers are coming down in price! $135.00!

So which printer did you end up buying?

Anet A8 from GearBest. It’ll use all the filament I want, and the one it won’t (flexible), my Da Vinci will.

Tried and true. I prefer the open structure printers. As long as you’re not printing ABS, there’s little down side. It’s nice having two printers, especially when you have two going simultaneously.

I’ve been contemplating starting a large delta 3d printer build. Something along the lines of 350mm diameter build surface. It would be gigantic, but I’ve always liked how delta’s move, and I would like love the speed increase.

I wanted my first printer to be reliable so spent a bit more. I have a Creality CR10-S which they added some much needed upgrades from the CR10 model (well worth the price difference) and its been printing great right out of the box. Paid $550 shipped off Amazon around Christmas time. I recently bought a Creality Ender 3 because it was on sale for $200 direct from them in a US warehouse and had great reviews and unlike most of the cheap printers in that price range it is Aluminum extrusion not laser cut acrylic or some of the other flimsy looking things. It is currently on sale on their site for $220 free shipping.

I have a CR-10 and CR-10s, they are great printers.

I have a Craftbot, a Croftbot+ and an Ares (delta). I too enjoy watching the movement of the delta printer. So fascinating. The Craftbots have been a great workhorse and would highly recommend this printer. Not necessarily budget friendly, but meets the entry level benchmark along with the ability to configure advanced features if you want.