3D Printing Food with the X-Carve

Hello! For some time now I have been wanting to convert one of my X-Carve frames into a 3D printer. The lack of Z-height makes the X-Carve a poor platform for polymer FDM printing. However, the expansive work area makes it great for cake decorating! I strapped a syringe pump to my X-Carve and with RAMPS 1.4 as my 3D Printer controller board I was off the races. This shows that X-Carve could be a normal FDM 3D printer if you wanted.

I have documented my build on a couple of different platforms. So that I do not have to rewrite everything I have provided some links below:

Here is my YouTube Video documenting the build.

Here is my Imgur Post for the project.

Here is my Website Link for wiring and firmware settings


wow, that is neat. now I can not only melt plastic to make material. But I can bake and make a surface. Hmm what if I want to surface the material. I get to eat the chips. In this case chips are chocolate.

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