3D printing mod

Has anyone modded their XCarve for 3d printing? I realize the z travel would be a limiting factor.

That’s an interesting idea. I foresee two problems: You need a fifth stepper motor for the extruder and the X-controller can’t do that, and the Z axis. Honestly, I don’t think the Z axis is accurate enough for what you would need. That is the weak point of the X-carve and absolutely essential for a 3d printer. You’d also probably want a heated bed. Attaching a hot end to the gimble would be pretty easy, I just feel like the Z axis accuracy would give you hell, and you’d need to design a custom controller to work a fifth stepper motor. Honestly, with how cheap 3d printers are, I’d just pick up a proper printer.

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That makes perfect sense. Thank you.

Time to find a printer :slight_smile:

Take a look at the Creality CR-10, CR-10s. Both great printers with good volume.

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It can be / has been done, at least back in the Shapeoko 2 days.

As folks noted, you need a new controller, and either have to work up a heated bed, or do w/o.

I wrote up my notes at:



or if you wanted to print a fidget spinner that doubled as a hula hoop.

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What Inventables might want to look at is building an X-Carve with a 5" Z-axis travel height including an X-Controller that could handle a 5th motor, an optional detachable heated bed, and a substantially stronger Z-axis. Call it “X-Carve 3D” and you’d have a stronger CNC + 3D printer machine.

+1 I bought a CR10S4, far easier to buy a 3d printer than try to convert the XC. You’ll be happier for it

It’s hard to justify the cost of a 3d printer for tinkering.

I’m also using arduino/gshield as I purchased my xcarve a few years ago. I wouldn’t be opposed to upgrading to a new controller. I do have a linear rail w/ 4.5" travel, which is plenty tall and accurate for my use. I thought I could save a buck by not having to buy the majority of the mechanics. Having a support network like this forum for the xcarve is invaluable.

I’ve had a 3d printer for years, just upgraded from a printbot simple metal last year to a cr10. I can tell you that while 3d printers seem cool in theory, the number of problems (bed leveling, first layer adhesion, retraction settings, layer settings, extruder temp and bed temp) that you run into can literally have you wanting to toss the machine. Just join a few FB forums on the printer you’re looking it, and watch how many frustrated people there are. I still get frustrated when a print today works, and tomorrow the same settings, filament etc of the same part just fails spectacularly. Now, trying to stick a laser on an XC is hard enough, but trying to convert it to a 3d printer, when a heated bed is almost a necessity, means you’re going to be doing a lot of swappinf of parts, and with a 3d printer is working the last thing you want to do is go changing stuff. By all means, go for it, I will watch your progress with interest, but I would never ever try to make my XC into a 3d printer… My $.02

My ignorance on the topic is why I asked on the forum. :grin: