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3D profiles (Curves on the Z axis) in Easel?

This is just great. When are you going to launch the first public (beta) version?

Hi @Angelos we don’t have a date we can release yet. We don’t know how long it will take to make it work at a level we’d be proud to release into beta. It’s an ongoing effort.


Thank you Inventables team for all the great additions to Easel, wow has it really improved ! Is there any update on this particular feature?

would love to be part of this beta test group when you are ready to test. I have played with curves on the z axis using illustrator and importing svg’s into easel. It works but does take some time and trial and error to get the correct depth you are looking to cut

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I’d use this feature a TON! Thanks Inventables team for all the work.

Those features look awesome @Zach_Kaplan. Your team always impresses. Any forward movement with vbit carves? Again thanks for the progress y’all are making, I’ve put off learning fusion because of what y’all have and are doing fits my needs

I would love updates on this as well :slight_smile:

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No public updates yet other than we’re working on it.



Is this still in development?


Hi @EllenBjerkaas there’s no public update at this point.


Count me in for beta testing as well.

Count me in for beta testing as well.

Same here, please keep me in mind.

BUMP for all the Beta testers.

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Any updates on this feature?


Zach, I’m curious if this is still being developed, looks like the last reply was back in 2017. This would be an amazing feature allowing for a lot more projects and eliminating the need for the use of a dedicated Cad system for a lot of the simpler projects.


Have a look at Ethan Kinney’s Curve Generator app and see if that does what you need.

Hey JVanderwerff,
I didn’t see a Curve Generator. Is the Cone Generator what you’re recommending? The original 3D profiles .gif showed some pretty awesome and easy to use functionality while being able to see the results on the fly.

Hi, I had a look in Easel and it’s still there, (see attached pic).

Instructional video on how to use it with a few examples is here.

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Hey everyone,

I mainly used the x-carve for prototyping, not with wood but with architect foam such as tempex. I needed a shell of a sphere at some point. The promised feature of the Kaplan brothers “3D profiles (Curves on the Z axis) in Easel” was the perfect fit for this, but it never came. And still not up till now. At the time I approached a sphere in an onion ring model and had it milled. The user forum has now solved this itself with an app and that is fine. But fulfilling promises is more important to me and there the Kaplan brothers fall short seriously.

This is one factor why I said goodbye to my x-carve. More reasons why I did this?

The most important thing is that the device is maintenance-sensitive (I am not referring to dust removal) and must be electronically calibrated again and again. Even if you use the device just a little. This also applies to the leveling of heights and so on.

If you do not have a background in electronic, you can still do that, but it is actually very old-fashioned to adjust a potentiometer again and again. If, by the way, you neglect these actions, wild things can suddenly happen during your milling work, so that your concept is ruined and you can start all over again. And I really followed all instructions: the fact remains that the x-carve sometimes seems to be unpredictable and then it can be expensive if you are already busy.

My x-carve has now been neatly taken apart and stored. If I can give a compliment it would be only for the easel software that is very intuitive.

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