3D Prototype Update: model orientation and size

Hello. A couple of testers have mentioned that it can be challenging to change the model’s orientation and keep its proper dimensions at the same time. Has anyone faced this kind of issues? have you had a model “deformed” when you change its orientation and/or measurements? Please let us know, since that’s a part of the interface that will be redesigned soon. Thanks!


I’m not sure if this is the same issue, but i have some models that are saved as a standing relief, like its standing on what easel wants to be the front edge.

In this case i cannot rotate the model about the necessary plane.

Seth, have you tried using the orientation dropdown under the transform panel? It lets you pick one of the 6 faces of model bounding box which should get you what you want.

Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 9.57.46 AM

You’ll likely have to update the position and size after selecting a different orientation

I see what you’re saying, BUT when the user changes the orientation to an orientation which results in a rotate (not a direct flip) then the appropriate size data should be automatically switched.
It would be a lot more user intuitive for the software to do this when an applicable orientation change is made.

Video more for others who’ve experienced this same issue with orientation changes…

EDIT: This model is slightly crooked, BUT rotate does not rotate in the direction it is crooked once it’s laid flat, Is there a fix for this? (maybe an option to choose what plane to rotate in?)

Orienting the model was possibly my biggest pain point during setup.

  • The Position tool for the Y-axis is unclear where it is positioning from. I rotated the STL but the Y-axis position was a negative value which did not make much sense where on the grid this was from
  • Transform is confusing. Where is the reference point? I want to set the model so the highest point is at the top of the material, currently I have to do a few different calculations. Changing the Orientation does not help. The STL completely changes when rotating.
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