3D resin “Screen Printing” on a CNC

My latest project was testing to see if I could create shading within a resin inlay by carving a negative 3D inlay, and it kind of worked! This was only the first attempt, and I think it could definitely be refined. Also, implicit, is that process of carving different colors individually and inlaying while still in the CNC. Cheers!


Nice work.
Have you considered skim cutting the epoxy down the wood surface? Then sanding.

Great job Tim. I say it turned out very well and there was a lot of learning in the video. Well worth trying and i may try something like that.

Interesting project, what resin do you use? I just made one resin inlay project to date, a Drone landing pad and I used West System. West System is great for my Carbon Fiber work but it is a bit pricy when you start to mix a quart at a time for resin inlay where strength is not an issue, as long as you get good adhesion and a clear mix.

I do, but I need to update my spoilboard, and was a little nervous it wasn’t very flat…

I use the cheap clear casting resin on Amazon for most things… cheap is relative but it’s less than the bigger names… I think Art and Glo casting.

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Yep, I just checked and it is more than 1/2 price for the volume.

It’s about a 45 minute pot time…

nicely done!

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