3D (stl) File loading problem

I run my X-Carve from a Mac mini( an older one, I have a newer one upstairs that I use to use to create files) and am trying to load in a particular 3d file that I once was able to load but cannot now. It either doesn’t appear in the work area or appears black. When I scan around the black image I can see there is texture but when I create the tool paths it either crashes or doesn’t show anything that makes any sense. The original file was 284 MB but I had reduced that to 40%(98MB)in Mesh Lab which, previously, I could easily load in my newer Mac but had some inconsistent success in the older one. Now it won’t load in at all in the older one. I tried reducing the size to 38%(94 MB) and 35%(86MB) in Mesh Lab but get the same results. Everything loads in fine on the newer mac. This seemed to start after the last update. Anyone have any ideas as to what’s going on? I have tried other 3D files and they come in ok.

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